Marketing Technology

Technology as an Accelerator

Our Dynamic Technology Solutions provides cost effective, innovative, forward thinking sales technologies that are designed to increase business performance. Our IT experts provide leading technologies that enhance your sales, marketing and business development efforts. Whether you are  investigating ECM, Streaming Video, E-mail solutions, Surveys, Marketing Automation, E-Learning  or Customer Relationship Management embracing technology as an accelerator to your growth is a cornerstone strategy for systematization and scaling. If we don’t have a partner with the technology your workflow requires, we will research the most suitable one for you!

Since the formation of our Dynamic Sales Technologies Division,  we continue to be a solutions partner of world-class software. One of our most formidable strengths lies in our ability to source out, partner and deliver superior technologies. Through our US and Canadian solutions affiliates, we have worked to secure leading technologies for both the municipal government and the private sector.

We specialize in partnering with technology solutions that deliver enhancements to the sales, marketing and business development processes:

  • Customer Realtionship Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Marketing Automation