March 2019

Hiring Outside Sales Agent Support: How & Why

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Toying with the idea of hiring a third party to help with sales? It’s not the worst idea and can actually be the best move for some organizations! If your company does not have the resources to provide full time employment, benefits, severance or other typical employee obligations, hiring an agent at part time can cut costs. Your company also may lack the skills necessary to direct a sales rep. Having someone come in independently typically means they will be comfortable leading themselves, leaving you with more time to focus on your strengths as a business owner, manager etc.

Once you get to the scouting process be sure to look for proven skills and a record for revenue generation, because at the end of the day sales is about making money for your business. Remember that experience is important, it creates comfort for you as a business owner, but don’t discount newer industry professionals. Younger agents are typically more eager to work and will make suitable candidates if they have the proper attitude and a work ethic...


What B2B (Business to Business) Buyers Want

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In our digital era, so often what is happening during the buying process in the disconnect between the way people buy from the way businesses are selling. Prospecting customers are using things like Google, social media platforms and company websites to get product/service information on their own accord. Yet, companies are still selling in the old ways, using things like cold calls and mass emails to attract potential customers. The truth is buyers are constantly changing their processes, whereas businesses’ selling processes are remaining stagnant.  

The old tactic of “here are the 25 people you need to connect with today, or the boss will be angry” should be pushed aside. The sales team should be focusing instead on the 25 people who are actually interested in your product/service. Who are the people visiting your website? Who are the people looking at what you offer? You need to understand how these people are engaged, and then engage with them on their terms and on their time...


How to Generate More Sales Leads

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We hear it time and time again: salespeople are having a difficult time generating quality leads. Though sometimes this is due to an exhausted market, a lot of the time it falls onto the sales people having unrealistic expectations (assuming the company they work for will give them a list of quality leads) or remaining in their comfort zone (working with current, already established customers). Rather than providing leads, it’s important to have the right processes in place to teach your sales team how to generate them on their own. Think of this analogy: give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime...

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